Important Information


  • Our trading hours are : Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm.
  • Colour dye batches differ. Please order for windows in the same room/area, at once.
  • Colour variations may occur in all products.
  • 'en Window Decor is not responsible for mildew or fungus on natural products.
  • 'en Window Decor does not use steel head rails that will rust in coastal areas.


  • An order can only be cancelled within 5 hours after accepting the quote and it must be in writing.


  • Payments can be made via electronic transfer or cash.
  • 50% Deposit is required for all orders and remaining balance to be paid on completion.
  • All direct deposits are to be made into our bank account.
  • Quote numbers are to be reflected as a reference on all direct deposits.
  • Proof of payment, remittance advices and reconciliation's can be mailed to
  • All customers will be charged VAT
  • No settlement discounts are offered
  • Curtains and blinds remains the property of ‘en Window Décor till payment is made in full


  • 'en Window Decor provides a three year guarantee of all ready made blinds and curtains manufactured.
  • 'en Window Decor maintains very stringent manufacturing techniques to offer a high quality read-made blinds and curtains.
  • 'en Window Decor guarantees that blinds and curtains manufactured by us will have no defects in raw material and factory workmanship for a three year period, from the date the goods are dispatched.
  • Some fading/discolouration as well as slight warpage may occur over time with Basswood/Plaswood blinds and this is not considered a defect.
  • 'en Window Decor will repair or replace defective blinds (at its discretion) and will cover the cost of all labour and materials.
  • Defective blinds must be returned to 'en Window Decor before a repair/replacement will be considered.
  • All our blinds have a guarantee if, not tampered with. Return all factory faults to be repaired by 'en Window Decor.
  • There is a possibility to see through blinds, which are hanging higher than eye-level. This is caused by the angle you look at the blind..

Bamboo Blinds

  • Bamboo is a natural product; therefor there will be colour variations. It is also subject to minor imperfections like slight warpages or blemishes.
  • It is not recommended to hang BAMBOO Blinds in damp areas like, bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, etc.
  • Wooden pelmets are available instead of valances.
  • Head rails can be mitered for bay windows or corner joints.
  • Bamboo blinds can be ordered as "ROMAN STYLE" or "ROLLER STYLE".

Roller Blinds

  • Please stipulate clearly the controls, left or right
  • The bottom rail is standard white. We don't do scallops.
  • Printed Vertical blinds are only done on white fabric

Double Roller Blinds

  • Double roller blinds are manufactured using a dual fabric system for multiple light control options. A single control chain issued to lower and raise the blind creating a distinct visual impact whether open, closed or somewhere in between.
  • The blinds are supplied with a semi-open cassette system and a 38mm tube. The cassette and bottom rails are only available in white, with a matching fabric on front of valance cassette.
  • Due to the composition of the fabric, it may not be possible to have the horizontal fabric bands aligned perfectly when blinds are installed next to one another.
  • Double roller blinds can also be manufactured with a Somfy battery motor with carries a 5 year factory guarantee.
  • To ensure longevity of the blinds, we recommend that it is installed in domestic environments where it will not be lifted on a regular basis. Should this be the case, an alternative product should be advised. The primary function of a double roller is to filter the light through the blinds layered fabric.

Venetian Blinds

  • Most exotic prints with a larger pattern will be subject to a pattern match on the drop and sometimes on the width.
  • It is an inherent characteristic that printed fabrics vary from blind to blind; we do not recommend more than one blind per room.
  • Alluwood is the exotic, "wood look" venetian blind with a wooden pelmet, bottom rail and wand.

Basswood/Plaswood Blinds

  • Wood is a natural product; there will be colour variations. It is also subject to minor imperfections like slight warpages or blemishes.
  • It is not recommend to hang Wooden Blinds in damp areas like, bathrooms, kitchen, saunas, etc (But Plaswood blinds are recommended.)
  • Wooden blinds do not close 100%. The main purpose is to control the sun and not for a 100% block out.
  • Pelmets are included in the price. Please indicate clearly if the blinds should be for recess or face fix, as this would determine which type of pelmet should be made
  • Please note that Pelmets & Bottom rails might differ slightly in colour or shade from the slatting

Vertical Blinds

  • Most fabrics with a larger pattern will be subject to a pattern match on the drop and sometimes on the width.
  • 'en Window Decor cannot be held responsible for dye and pattern match problems on orders ordered at separate times.
  • Don't wash vertical blinds too often. Blinds should be kept clean by using a vacuum cleaner to keep the dust off.
  • If blinds needs to be washed, use a mild detergent with luke warm water. Never scrub the blinds. We also do recommend that blinds are to be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaning method.
  • If you hang them after washing, never let it hang to dry in direct sunlight.
  • Printed Vertical blinds are only done on white fabric.

Panel Blinds

  • Valances are included in the price.
  • Panel blinds are available in two types of materials - Bamboo Panel is 750mm & Fabric Panel is 650mm.
  • 'en Window Decor endeavours to deliver the blind in the way that is easiest to install.